Grades: Blackboard to myWSU

This tutorial should assist you with the process of downloading your Blackboard gradebook and importing those grades into myWSU.

  1. Convert the course overall grade in Blackboard Learn to display in letter format.
    1. Log in to your Blackboard Learn course space and navigate to the Full Grade Center.
    2. Access the contextual menu for the course overall grade and select Edit Column Information.
    3. Change the primary display format to Letter.
    4. Save the changes by selecting Submit.
    5. If you wish to avoid modifying the primary display format for the course overall grade then you can add a new total column to the gradebook to display the course grade in letter format: See more on Total Columns.
  2. Ensure that the Student ID column is visible in the Full Grade Center.
    1. Navigate to the Full Grade Center and if you do not see a column for Student ID then select the column organization option listed under the Manage menu.
    2. Update the grade center to show the Student ID column.
  3. Export the overall course grade as a csv file.
    1. Navigate to the Full Grade Center and select the Download option from the Work Offline menu.
    2. Select the overall course grade column to download. Do not include comments.
    3. Export the document as a comma separated file (.csv).
    4. Save the file to your computer.
  4. Format the csv file for myWSU upload.
    1. Open the csv file downloaded in step 2.
    2. Delete all columns except for the Student ID and the overall grade columns.
    3. Delete the header row.
    4. Select all the WSU ID numbers, right click and select Format Cells.
    5. Navigate to the Number tab, select custom and input 9 zeros into the Type input box.
    6. Select OK and save the csv file.
  5. Upload to myWSU.

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