Grades: Angel to zzusis

This tutorial should assist you with the process of downloading your Angel gradebook and importing those grades into zzusis.

Step One:

  1. Download the Grade Conversion Spreadsheet

Step Two:

  1. Export grades from Angel Gradebook.
  2. Exporting Steps:

    1. Log into your Angel course space and access the Gradebook. Select Export Grades.
    2. Select Comma Separated and Percentage.
    3. Select Export.
    4. In the File Download box select Save – name your file and ensure that the Save as Type drop down is set to a "Commas Separated Values" as the file type.

Step Three:

  1. Update the formulas in the Grade Conversion Spreadsheet if necessary. We've provided a common grading scale. You can modify this grading scale to match your syllabus/preference.
    1. Click in each of the pink cells (I.) to see the formula being used to calculate each letter grade.
    2. If a change is necessary, use the formula bar to make the correction
      Note: Only change the number or letter circled (II.)

      Note: If you have a grading scale that requires fewer columns (for example S/F grading), highlight the unnecessary set of cells and select the delete key on the keyboard.
  2. Select and copy all cells A2 through D2 (including the overall grade column) from your Angel gradebook export spreadsheet.
  3. Paste that data into the Grade Conversion Spreadsheet, starting in the A3 cell.
  4. Highlight all of the pink cells and double click on the tiny black square at the bottom right of the selection to populate the letter grades for each student.
  5. Now, select the adjacent tab at the bottom of the spreadsheet, titled Save_As_CSV.
  6. Select the columns A1 through B5 and then drag down in order to display all the students in the course.
  7. Notice the sixth user in the next image, which is the complete roster for our sample course. Your course should show the total number of students on your roster.
  8. Save this spreadsheet as a CSV file.
  9. Open the CSV file using Notepad. To open with Notepad: Right-click on the file and select Open with and choose Notepad
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the page and delete the extra line at the bottom. Also, ensure that each row contains a WSUID and letter grade separated with a comma.
  11. Upload the CSV file to zzusis.

    Note: Note: If uploading grades for multiple sections into a merged Angel course space, you can upload the entire CSV you created to each of the individual sections in zzusis. Relevant grades will be imported for the students that are enrolled in that section.

Uploading Grades to zzusis

  1. Access the Faculty Center in zzusis by hovering over Main Menu, selecting Self Service, and then Faculty Center.

    Note: This can be done in a variety of ways depending upon your access and employment status.
  2. Select My Schedule
  3. Select Show All Classes and then select Grade Roster next to the class you are ready to enter grades for.
  4. Select either Mid-Term Grade or Final Grade depending on what you entering. Select Approved if all grades are entered and final (Not Reviewed if not all grades have been entered). Select Save.
  5. Scroll down and select Upload Grades to Students in this Class.
  6. Select Browse; locate the CSV file you have just created. Select Upload and then Save.

Now you should see the letter grades are pre-filled in zzusis and if they look correct, then you're ready to change Approval Status in zzusis.

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