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I am interested in the following topics. Please notify me when the next session is available. (Check all that apply. Refer to class descriptions for details.)

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Saving time and increasing online teaching efficiency
Discussion forums and how to use them in my course
Grading rubrics
Online assessments: basic set up, open/close dates, automatic grading
Online assessments: troubleshooting, extending deadlines, changing for DRC accommodations
Teams or group structures; how to set up and effectively use in my course
Electronic drop boxes
Posting supplemental materials (lecture notes, PowerPoints, forms, etc.) for student access
Other - Please Describe in detail

Please communicate questions, requests, suggestions, or special needs related to the learning management system, how to use specific tools or functions, or ideas for other training sessions not currently offered. We are happy to consult with you to ensure you get the training you need to effectively use the LMS in your face-to-face class or to get the most out of your WSU Online course space.
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"The LMS automatically grades the multiple choice questions and makes it really easy for me to grade the short answer questions. The fact that it automatically enters grades when I grade the assignments saves me hours of time."

Cherri Wemlinger

History Instructor

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