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Open Learning Resources (OLR)

Open Learning Resources is a simple concept:  give everyone free and easy access to learning content.

One of the early pioneers of Open Courseware is the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which just celebrated its 10th anniversary of announcing its Open Courseware initiative.

But Open Resources expand far beyond courseware – visit some of these links to see the wealth of freely available online resources, learning communities and activities you can access:

Open Education Resources (OERs)

Video Lectures

Open Courseware with University Lectures

Open Textbooks

  • The National Academies —National Academy of Sciences, National Academy of Engineering, Institute of Medicine, and National Research Council are committed to distributing their reports to as wide an audience as possible
  • Flat World Knowledge

Global Text Project

"They’re older. They’re more sophisticated. I really enjoy the discussion with online students."

Ken Butterfield

Business Professor

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