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Criminal Justice Course Introduction

Client: Department of Criminal Justice and Criminology.

Details: Video, green screen animation and graphics.


Sexual Reproduction of a Flower

Client: International Research and Development at WSU and TotalLand Care (a non-profit organization).

Details: This is an animated demonstration of Microspororgenesis, Megasporogenesis, Pollination, Fertilization & Triple Fusion for the course SOILS 102.


Palladio's Quattro Libri

Client: Department of Crops and Soil Sciences

Animation: A description of Palladio’s Quattro Libri during the Italian Renaissance for ID 250.


Tidal Leadership

Client: CAHNRS: Tidal Leadership Group.

Details: Muvizu character animations and voiceover.

Western Protective Relay Conference Keynote Introduction

Client: WSU Conference Management

Animation: Welcomes attendees to international conference.


Module 1: Introduction to Corrective Action

Client: Paul G. Allen School of Animal Health at WSU

Animation: A hand illustrated and computer animated introductory discussion about the corrective action process in laboratory protocols.

Map of Asia

Client: Department of History at WSU

Interactive Activity: Created for a History/Asia course to help students discover where countries, cities, and other major sites are located in Asia.

Interactive Piano Keyboard

Client: School of Music at WSU

Interactive Activity: Created for a Music Fundamentals course to help students identify notes on the piano keyboard. When keys on this piano are selected, students can hear the related sound and view the corresponding note on the music sheet.

Product Costing Components

Client: School of Business at WSU

Interactive Activity: Created for an Accounting course to illustrate how costs attach to products during the manufacturing process.


Roman Arcuated Construction

Client: Department of Interior Design at WSU

Details: Animation: An example of arcuated construction during the Italian Renaissance period for ID 250.


Rules for WSU Students

Client: Access WSU Committee

Details: Video: An entertaining description of rules for incoming freshman at WSU (using a style similar to the movie Zombieland).


Soil Sampling

Client: Department of Crops and Soil Sciences

Audio, PowerPoint, Animation and Video: A web presentation describing the correct procedure of soil sampling.

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