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Learning Management System

Why Would I Use an LMS?

An LMS can provide instructors with countless benefits that lead to a more efficient teaching experience. Some efficiencies are:

  1. A streamlined process:
    1. All communications with students (including feedback on assignments and grades) are in one location
    2. Reduced paper use
    3. Adding, removing, storing, and deleting course materials within the course space instead of in multiple locations
  2. Better grading:
    1. Electronic grade book allows the instructor to grade and the students to access those grades in a secure (FERPA-approved manner) at any time
    2. Grade book can be accessed anywhere there is an Internet connection
    3. Grade book auto-calculates both overall grade and individual assignment/exam grades
  3. Increased student engagement:
    1. Students have 24/7 access to posted resources, announcements, grades, etc.
    2. Students can email from within the course space to fellow classmates
    3. Absent students can check for updated content, schedules, and announcements without requesting information individually
    4. Students can view current information, such as links to websites, articles, videos and other multimedia

They're like little reminders.

If you forget a step or need a nudge in the right direction, check out our helpful documents available day or night. Check them out here.

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