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When Would I Use an LMS?

On-campus instructors can use an LMS to:

Engage students: If you have a large class, consider creating a discussion board to engage students on a different level. Discussion boards can assist students collaborating on group projects or team work. They can also help shy or hesitant students get involved.

Increase Accessibility to Grades & Documents: Keep grading simple and accessible to your students by using the grade book in your virtual course space. Additionally, an LMS provides a great backup for instructors to verify what information their students have, and what they receive. You can post documents, like your syllabi, and have confidence that students will always have access to it, even if they lose their paper copy. Many instructors also post announcements and assignment directions, eliminating that age-old excuse "I lost the directions, so I couldn't complete the assignment!"

Save Time: Decrease your grading load by using the assessment tool and creating auto-grading quizzes, exams, or reviews. Run reports to check on score trends, and adjust your lectures accordingly – all within a matter of minutes when using an LMS.

Lighten their workload (literally): Create a drop box for students to submit their assignments and say goodbye to lugging around stacks of essays that need to be graded. All you have to do is log in to your course to access the assignments.

Eliminate Classroom Barriers: Access to the web conference tool, Elluminate, is provided within the course space. Instructors can schedule live office hours, special events, small group activities, study sessions and other synchronous events with a few simple steps. Guest lecturers could be brought in to deliver presentations or to conduct Q and A sessions with students. Students whose schedules allow could participate in these scheduled events, while other students could view a recording of the event at their convenience.

Learn More about Collaborating!

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