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Who to Contact at Global Campus for some FAQs:

While preparing your course for online delivery, you have either worked with an Instructional Designer or members of our Production Team through Course Verification. The Instructional Designer remains ready and able to assist you during delivery of your course, but there are a number of other specialists who can help you more efficiently, depending on the issue. These include the Global Campus Registration staff, Tech Support and Global Campus Generalists. Here are a few FAQs that are best addressed by these specialists:

  • I don't know what the student does to drop a course. How do I help them?
  • Who do students contact to add my course after registration closes?
  • How do I post final grades?
  • How do I change a final grade that I calculated incorrectly?
  • The student is not in the LMS but they are on my class roster. Who checks that?
  • How do I get my TA added to the LMS?


  • Dropping a course(s), cancellations of enrollment and course adds for the current term.
  • Questions about final grades and other grading issues: grade posting and grade changes, due dates.
  • Enrollment permission requests: We currently have several restricted courses each term. This happens for a variety of reasons. It is good that we have your permission to add a particular student; however there are often other students that need the course with only a few seats open. Please forward requests to us so we work with advisors and department admin to ensure permission and enrollments happen.
  • Incompletes: Questions on how to issue an incomplete, how to grade an incomplete, allowing access into a course space for a student who wants to finish an incomplete.

Tech Support  -

We provide technical and functional support for LMS course spaces. You can use your course verification, general maintenance tab to request crucial corrections to live courses or call 509-335-4320

  • LMS course space access including students missing on the roster.
  • Grade book issues
  • Begin/end dates (including accommodations or extensions) for exams or other date-restricted items.
  • LMS functionality

WSU Global Connections -

  • Extra-curricular experiences for students
  • Opportunities for faculty to connect with Global Campus students

  • General textbook or navigation questions
  • Media rental or viewing issues
  • Holds - Writing Portfolio/Advising/etc.

Global Campus Proctoring Services -

  • Proctoring exams
  • Returning or renting course materials



An updated schedule of faculty training sessions is now posted! Enroll in one of these informative and helpful sessions.

The Global Campus, PO Box 645220, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5220, 800-222-4978, 509-335-3557, Contact Us
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