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Teaching an Online Course

Course Management Details

Term Start-Up Information: Questions about adds, drops, grades, merged courses? Find out more about who to contact for specific questions or issues.

Course Fees: Federal law mandates that students have a right to know how much it will cost to take a course at the time they register. Our Course Verification system is designed to ensure we provide accurate data regarding additional fees for texts, media, proctored exams, etc. But it is up to the instructor to provide us this information by responding promptly to Course Verification requests for information. For example, for fall courses, we need to have heard from you by mid-April when registration opens.

Textbooks: Through the Course Verification process, you notify WSU Online of what textbook(s) to order for the upcoming term. WSU Online works with the Bookie Too to ensure there are books available for distance students. Students will find the textbook information for online courses via the More Information links associated with each WSU Online course in the Schedules of Classes.

Third Party Sites: Your course may include resources available from a third party site. Please be aware that WSU Online cannot provide technical support for these sites. In addition, if there are Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance issues, the instructor is legally obligated to make the necessary ADA accommodation and provide students with an equivalent learning experience. Some examples of third party sites include: Math – Math XL, Econ – Aplia, Spanish – Vista Spanish Programs.

Technical Support is available 24/7 for both instructors and students. If you are having technical difficulties, start with the Tech Support link in your course space. This document provides contact information and tips that may solve the problem. In addition, from the media center, you can link to Media Center FAQs and test your system to ensure it is ready to play your media.

Virtual Mentor (VM)

A VM is typically a graduate of the WSU Online program trained by WSU Online to respond to non-content related student, provide logistical and navigational support, direct students to resources, and help build community—all of which frees the instructor to focus on teaching. VMs are not TAs and cannot grade or provide content-related feedback to students. Further, they cannot fix technical issues in the course space. If you’d like to request a VM, talk with your Instructional Designer. The VM program is funded through ASWSU-Online S&A fees.

Student Complaints:

The procedure for handling student complaints is essentially the same as on campus. When students contact WSU Online with a complaint, they will be encouraged to work directly with the instructor. If the student is unable to resolve the issue in this manner, the student can go to the department chair or the ombudsman.

Learn More about Collaborating!

Did you know you can attend Blackboard Collaborate training? If you want to know what it is and how best you can use it to enhance your course, then sign up for Web Conferencing 101. Go here for the schedule and information.

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