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Developing an Online Course

Academic Honesty

Studies indicate that cheating and plagiarism may be on the rise. Accrediting bodies and others have voiced concerns about how to ensure that the student signed up for the online course is the student doing the work. Although this issue is echoed in the traditional classroom, the online course space is perceived to provide greater opportunity for cheating. We will help you intentionally design Academic Integrity into your online course. There are a number of best practices, which you can learn more about in our Training and Tutorials and Research and Strategies pages, but here are a few to get you started:

  1. Define plagiarism and academic honesty for your students. There are cultural differences, and expectations of instructors differ. For example, in some classes collaboration is acceptable while in others it is not.
  2. Require your students to agree to an academic integrity statement. Consider this as the first question on each exam, or the first assignment. Studies indicate that students who agree to be honest are less likely to cheat. See article.
  3. Assess your students in multiple ways.
  4. Include at least one proctored exam as a part of your required course work.
  5. Consider an occasional individual or group meeting via phone or Web Conferencing with students.
  6. Additional Resources - Faculty Focus: Promoting Academic Integrity in Online Education

Learn More about Collaborating!

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