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"Teaching with Technology" Featured on WSU News

by Ruth Gregory 19. November 2014 09:29

Ruth Gregory talks with instructor Adam Attwood

Brief with a side of whimsy: WSU videos cover “Teaching With Technology”

WSU’s Ruth Gregory, an award-winning filmmaker and video producer, has launched a video blog to help faculty increase student success by incorporating emerging technologies into their courses. In “Teaching With Technology,” Gregory examines new tools and interviews WSU faculty members who are integrating technology into their classes.

The episodes are both brief and whimsical, said Gregory, the Emerging Technology and Multimedia Specialist at WSU Global Campus, “We wanted faculty to be able to quickly preview new technology they might want to use in a fun and accessible way.”

The first six episodes of the video blog (aka vlog) are available on YouTube. Three installments cover ways faculty can have students use their cell phones and other Web-enabled devices for instructional purposes, rather than “selfies, social media streams, and hilarious cat videos.” Other episodes highlight how R.D. Keegan in Veterinary Sciences and Adam Attwood, a graduate teaching assistant at the College of Education, are using technology in innovative ways. New episodes are set to be released near the end of each month.

Anyone interested in learning more about incorporating technology in their classes can contact Gregory directly at (509) 335-2105 or Ruth.Gregory@wsu.edu for more information or to schedule a demonstration. You can also follow Gregory on Twitter @WSUTeachwTech where she tweets regularly about technology and education.

This video series is part of several initiatives created in conjunction with the WSU Provost’s Office Cougar PAWS program, which aims to increase student engagement and success. Other options can be found on the Cougar PAWS website, the Global Campus eLearning Services site, and the Office of Assessment of Teaching and Learning.

First featured in the WSU news

Introducing the Teaching with Technology Vlog

by Ruth Gregory 3. September 2014 14:12

Check out our new Teaching with Technology vlog (aka video + blog).Teaching with Technology is a video blog created and hosted by Ruth Gregory, Emerging Technology and Multimedia Specialist at the Washington State University Global Campus. The purpose of the vlog is to highlight ways faculty can incorporate technology into their classes. It is also used to showcase innovate ways that higher ed faculty are already using technology in their teaching practice. Check out some of the first vlog posts below. The first video introduces the concept of the vlog. The second is about Socrative & Quick Response Systems, and the final video of this first series is about using Twitter in your classes.

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