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Meet Ruth....New Emerging Technology & Multimedia Specialist

by WSU Online 14. August 2014 12:24


This post comes from the desk of Ruth Gregory, the new Emerging Technology & Multimedia Specialist at the Global Campus. 

I come to Pullman having spent the last decade on the watery side of Washington.  I have twenty years of experience in the creative industries and my career path has been filled with all sorts of adventures.  I worked for a time at Paramount Pictures in Los Angeles as a Page (like Kenneth from 30 Rock) on shows like Soul Train and Dharma and Greg.  I also spent several years working on a documentary about female ski jumpers trying to get their sport included in the Winter Olympic line-up (they finally got to jump at the 2014 games in Sochi).  For the past decade I’ve been collaborating with my Seattle-based colleagues on a series of short documentaries.  The most recent, Maikaru, is about a young man looking towards a bright future having survived a childhood filled with violence and human trafficking.  Although the film was completed just last March it has already won several prestigious awards including Best Documentary Short at the 2014 Seattle International Film Festival.  If you are interested in seeing more of what I have done you can check out some of my media work on my personal website: ruthmakesmedia.com.

I’ve also spent a good amount of time in higher education as a student and faculty member.  I earned my Bachelor of Arts from The Evergreen State College, my Master of Fine Arts in Film from Ohio University, and my Master of Arts in Cultural Studies from the University of Washington Bothell.  I taught for five years as an adjunct faculty member at Shoreline Community College in the Digital Filmmaking where I transitioned the department into a degree-granting program and developed the first online courses.  I also worked for two years at the University of Washington Bothell in their pre-major program (CUSP) where I taught interdisciplinary courses centered on art, media, business, and technology.

I am excited to be relocating to the Palouse with my husband, Geoff, our lovable lab mix Layla, and two cats, Darryl and Michonne (yes, they are name after popular characters on The Walking Dead).  In my off time you’ll probably find me at one of the local movie theaters, walking my dog on the great trails we have here, or in a swimming pool.

As the Emerging Technology & Multimedia Specialist my job is all about exploring different ways we can use technology in higher education and supporting faculty in the implementation of that tech in their classes.  I also supervise the amazing media crew at the Global Campus.  Feel free to contact me at ruth.gregory@wsu.edu or (509)335-2105 if you want to discuss the technical possibilities in your online, hybrid, or face-to-face classes.

I look forward to meeting more of the WSU community real soon… preferably at Ferdinand’s. :)

Ruth Gregory

An Insider's Look at Course Verification

by WSU Online 25. June 2014 12:34

How do I submit changes to my online course? What format should I submit my changes in?

I frequently hear these questions from instructors, and since they are such common questions, I wanted to share the answers with all of you.

Global Campus uses the Course Verification system to communicate with instructors. Course Verification is a great tool because it allows us to communicate back and forth with the instructor about their course, keeps a running log of the conversation, and allows anyone on our team to view the conversation.

This visibility is a great benefit because if your course designer is out of the office, another member of our team can still log in to view the changes you are requesting. It also helps us keep a record of the changes that were made to a course.

Course Verification is also the perfect way to communicate changes you want to have completed in your course space. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing a few specific types of changes you would request through the General Maintenance tab (General Maintenance is where you’ll request any changes that are not related to media, textbooks or proctored exam requirements).

If you want us to make large changes in your course, the best way to communicate those changes to us is to copy and paste your course content into a Microsoft Word document, then use the Track Changes feature in Word to make your changes. This will show us exactly where you want to make changes and exactly what those changes will be. You can upload this Word document directly to the General Maintenance tab within Course Verification. In the comment box, just let us know that you’ve attached a document with the changes you want our team to make.

However, you may have small changes to make such as a word or a phrase on a page, it is simplest to type this request into the comment box. You can tell us something such as, “In Lessons > Week Two: Overview, the second paragraph has the following sentence: “Using this process, we start by looking at the the assignment.” Please delete the duplicate the.”

If you have any questions about the best format to submit your particular changes in, please don’t hesitate to ask us! A simple way to ask a question is to type it into the comment box in the General Maintenance tab. There is someone assigned to your course who can give you great suggestions and help you work through the process.

Still interested in how instructors use Course Verification? Check out this recent posting by Dr. Moe: Now on an Island.

Celisse Ellis

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