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Really Simple Rubric Based Scoring for Large Classes

by theron 10. October 2011 09:24

Recently, a faculty member teaching a large class asked for a simple way to give students rubric based feedback that would automatically convert to a score in the grade book. The Rubric tool in Angel provides an effective way to do this.

So how do you do it?

First, using the rubric wizard, create a rubric with detailed weighting for each dimension (see the partial rubric below).

Then, while grading, the TA or instructor simply clicks on the cells containing the language that best describes the student’s work.

What the student sees:
The student sees the rubric and can refer to it as they work on the assignment. After the assignment is graded, the student sees the criteria that are selected by the Instructor highlighted in blue along with their score (see below).

Click here for an expanded version of the rubric, or click on this icon  in the bottom right-hand corner of the window below.

Finally, the score is automatically added to the grade book.

A big challenge in large classes is the consistency of scoring and feedback among multiple TAs. This method provides a constant reference point for TAs and Instructors to consult repeatedly as they monitor student learning.  Moreover, students are able to reference the criteria and reflect on their own learning as they become better judges of quality in their own and others’ work. As Richard Stiggins says, we have an obligation to “Provide students with continuous access to descriptive (versus evaluative or judgmental) feedback; that is, information that helps them to see how to improve the quality of their work. This requires student engagement in repeated self assessments so they can watch themselves successfully negotiating the road to competence.” 1  The Large class presents a unique challenge in providing frequent and rich feedback to students. This method of assessment is easy to use, scalable and provides evidence of student learning that is relevant and actionable for the instructor, TAs and students. One of the TA’s recently commented, “I love the ease of the rubric, it makes grading very swift.”

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Welcome from Executive Director David Cillay

by WSU Online 23. August 2011 10:39

As educator Carol Twigg once observed, the first ATMs were placed inside banks and only available during banking hours…hmmm. The world has indeed changed. Just as banks have recognized a need to reach out to the people they serve, so has education.

WSU has a long history of using the latest tools to remove barriers between students and education. WSU Online, for example, has been delivering distance education for nearly 20 years. This eLearning website distills experience from all of our University colleagues, along with research-based advice from other experts. It’s designed to help anyone using online instructional tools, whether for students in front of them or hundreds of miles away.

The blog section of the website lets us talk to you directly, and lets you talk to us. We’ll post information, tips and techniques. You are invited to ask questions and share your own knowledge and experience. To have posts automatically delivered, simply select the subscribe button.

We look forward to exploring this new world with you. We believe it has exciting, engaging and limitless possibilities.

David Cillay

Executive director/Center for Distance and Professional Education


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