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Faculty Led Workshops Fall 2014

by Ruth Gregory 30. September 2014 11:40

On Friday September 19th the Global Campus hosted 4 faculty members who shared their expertise about engaging students using a variety of methods.  Check out the videos of their talks below.

Phil Mixter - A Clinical Associate Professor in Molecular Biology, shares strategies to build a strong learning community that supports student engagement. His hybrid course blends online learning, at-home laboratory experiments, and an on-campus “boot-camp” lab. He also gets students thinking about how to judge credible and reliable online resources.

Samantha Swindell - A Clinical Associate Professor in Psychology, offers a thought-provoking counterpoint to the other presenters’ with her technology-oriented ideas to increase engagement in large enrollment online and on-campus classes.

Sheila Converse - A Clinical Associate Professor in Music, shares her “moment of truth” when she realized that many students did not know how to learn. She’ll discuss insights, strategies, and tips that help students achieve academic success.

Andy O'Fallon - A Clinical Associate Professor in the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, explains ways to get students more involved in large enrollment classes using social media, engineering apps, and the LMS. These tools help to increase collaborative exchange while fostering independent thought and creativity.

Introducing the Teaching with Technology Vlog

by Ruth Gregory 3. September 2014 14:12

Check out our new Teaching with Technology vlog (aka video + blog).Teaching with Technology is a video blog created and hosted by Ruth Gregory, Emerging Technology and Multimedia Specialist at the Washington State University Global Campus. The purpose of the vlog is to highlight ways faculty can incorporate technology into their classes. It is also used to showcase innovate ways that higher ed faculty are already using technology in their teaching practice. Check out some of the first vlog posts below. The first video introduces the concept of the vlog. The second is about Socrative & Quick Response Systems, and the final video of this first series is about using Twitter in your classes.

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