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Late Registration & Blended Sections

by WSU Online 20. December 2013 08:42

Late registration for Global Campus students. If you’d like to allow a student to enroll after the fifth day of the semester, you’ll need to let us know so we can make it happen. Just send us an email.

Blended sections. The process for allowing non-Global Campus students to enroll in an online course can be complex. The best approach? Let us deal with it. If a non-Global Campus student contacts you for permission to enroll in a course, please forward the email to online.registrar@wsu.edu to find out if it can be done.

Course Evaluations for Fall 2013

by WSU Online 13. December 2013 16:36

Every online course includes a link to an online course evaluation, which has been approved by the college delivering the course. For fall semester, that link will be live from Nov. 25-Dec. 16. The usefulness of these evaluations depends on response rate, and you can help by encouraging students to complete them. The Global Campus will also email all online students and encourage them to participate. After the evaluation is closed, instructors and chairs have access to all evaluation data through Skylight.

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