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Proctoring & Teamwork - A Director's Perspective

by WSU Online 26. April 2013 14:12

Christopher Coons, the director of WSU Global Campus Technology and Logistics, sits down to chat with us about proctoring at WSU Online and what it takes to be a team player.

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Rebecca L Stull

Using Technology to Support Teaching

by WSU Online 16. April 2013 15:44

In a recent survey of WSU instructors conducted by Global Campus, 84.2% of 317 respondents answered affirmatively to the following question: I would like to use technology more to support my teaching.  It was clear from the survey results that instructors recognize many benefits to incorporating technology into their teaching.

All responses were based on a 7 point Likert scale with the top half representing agree, (1- strongly agree, 2-agree, and 3-somewhat agree and the bottom half representing disagree (5- somewhat disagree, 6-disagree and 7-strongly disagree). Responses indicated that most instructors are comfortable with technology and confident they can learn new technologies.

It is finding and integrating new technologies, into the teaching environment, that seems to be the primary challenge, in addition to finding the time and resources to do so. 42% of respondents indicated that they do not know what technology tools are available through WSU, 34.6% don’t know what technology would be helpful, and 42.5% in indicated there are “other” factors preventing them from incorporating technology into their teaching and the number one answer under other was time.

Here are some results of the survey:


Strongly Agree


Somewhat Agree

Neither Agree nor Disagree

Somewhat Disagree


Strongly Disagree


Technology tools can help improve my teaching effectiveness





11.6% (38)

3.6% (12)

1.5% (5)

0.6% (2)

0.0% (0)

Technology tools can help improve my teaching efficiency.







9.7% (32)

4.6% (15)

3.3% (11)

0.6% (2)

0.6% (2)

I am comfortable with most technologies.







27.2% (88)

7.7% (25)

9.0% (29)

3.1% (10)

0.6% (2)

I am confident I can learn new technologies.







12.5% (41)

4.3% (14)

1.8% (6)

0.6% (2)

0.3% (1)

It is easy for me to find technology tools that support my teaching style.













16.0% (52)

5.2% (17)

0.9% (3)

It is easy for me to integrate technology into my teaching.













14.1% (46)

4.3% (14)

0.9% (3)


The WSU Global Campus offers a free, online, asynchronous, self-paced course entitled “Excellence in Online Teaching”, and looking again at recent survey results, 74% of respondents (40) indicated the course benefitted their on-campus teaching as well as their online teaching (84.6%).  The overall goal of this course is to help instructors understand the online environment, in-part, how to teach effectively and efficiently through a technology mediated environment.  The course includes modules on using technology to build community and engage students with resources and ideas that can be implemented into the campus classroom as well as the online environment.

If your goal is to learn more about technology tools that will support and enhance your face to face teaching, and ways to incorporate them into your classroom, take a look at the “Excellence in Online Teaching” course and you may find something useful.  Use whichever pieces, readings, activities, etc. that will meet your specific need.  Take advantage of the resources available to move yourself towards that goal.  

Rebecca Van de Vord

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